Actress Tatiana Dyková Confides About Bedroom Stumbling Blocks

Actress Tatiana Dyková Confides About Bedroom Stumbling Blocks

The popular actress confided that the stumbling block is in bed. “Vojta and I often fall asleep together and he reads. I tell him that I don’t mind, I have an eye mask and that’s cool,” said the actress, who is tolerant of her husband’s habits. But even the cup of her patience sometimes overflows! “But when someone is already asleep and you turn on the light, I find it incredible.” dropped the couple Tatiana, whose indignation is probably not surprising.

“For example, I go to bed early on purpose, and I read that you need absolute darkness to sleep,” she explained. Despite minor disagreements in the bedroom, she is happy to have a house full of men. “I have four guys at home. It’s beautiful, I’m satisfied. I feel cared for. The oldest has already outgrown me, which isn’t such a problem when you’re 161 cm tall,” laughs Tatiana, who is raising three sons with Vojta.

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