Actress Martha Stewart (‘In a lonely place’) dies at 98

Martha Stewart, The American actress who passed away this week at the age of 98 had a short career in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s, but with some rather memorable roles on the cinephile retina.

Stewart played Mildred, the wardrobe keeper whose murder sets off the plot of In a lonely place (Nicholas Ray, 1950), one of the most emblematic films of film noir of the time, starring Humphrey Bogart Y Gloria Grahame.

His big screen debut had taken place early in the previous decade, in the musical Doll face (Lewis Seller, 1945). There he took advantage of his talent for singing and dancing with the star Vivian Blaine, who, curiously, would end up replacing in a Broadway montage of Them and them in 1951.

It was in 1947 when he got his most memorable role alongside that of In a lonely place that would come a few years later. It was the best friend of Joan Crawford in Between love and sin (Otto Preminger, 1947), one of those love triangles turned into an epoch-making quadrilateral.

However, Stewart did not lavish much more on the big screen. Had some sporadic appearance on television (Alfred Hitchcock’s Hour), but he concentrated the rest of his artistic career on stage.


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