Madonna refused to appear in ‘Matrix’ (and regrets for it)

The Queen of Pop has triumphed in every creative field she has set out to do, so at this point in her career she only seems to have one thing left to do: take her own life to the movies, and on her own terms. Currently Madonna is involved in the preparations for an autobiographical […]

15 modern classics you can watch on Disney +

Some films mark a milestone in the history of cinema, either for their artistic quality, for the originality of the stories they tell or for the emotions that they manage to awaken in the public. Disney+ has one of the largest streaming catalogs, which includes movies from Pixar, Lucasfilm and Marvel, among others, but also […]

the best summer after-hours are spent with these movies

What a human being can enjoy with table-tops! And as it says Manuel Vicent “At lunch you never sit at the table with someone you dislike. Remember that the diners who accompany you will be more important than the food for a good digestion. Laughter is very digestive. Otherwise eat little and do it slowly […]

the final season of ‘Lucifer’ premieres in September

Since its premiere in 2018, the trajectory of Lucifer It has been somewhat troublesome. Created by Tom Kapinos (Californication) and based on a comic by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith Y Mike Dringenberg, the performance of the series did not convince the network during its first three seasons, so Fox decided to cancel it. The fan […]

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot y Ryan Reynolds roban para Netflix

Netflix continues to add projects with stellar cast to its already crowded catalog. Among them is Red alert, the heist thriller that reunites Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson on screen, a film that has suffered production delays due to the pandemic, but that will finally arrive on the platform in the fall. Netflix […]

Dwayne Johnson and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, together in a new action movie

There is no doubt that the career of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II you are in a sweet moment. After winning an Emmy for his work on Watchmen and to appear in big hits like Aquaman Y The Chicago 7 trial, this interpreter plans to intervene both in Matrix 4 like in candy man (to be released […]

Jeremy Irvine, very close to playing gay hero Alan Scott

Among the many projects they prepare Warner and DC on a small and large screen, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated is the Serie Green Lantern in order to HBO Max. The fiction, far from focusing on a single protagonist, will address the experiences of several members of this intergalactic guard. Now the british Jaremy […]