Actress Helen Sumskaya Celebrates Daughter’s Birthday Amid Controversy.

“Dotsya, happy birthday, dear. My love”, the actress publicly addressed her 33-year-old daughter.

In the pictures that Sumskaya collected into a collage, she poses in an embrace with her daughter against the backdrop of tulips, as well as with a cake in her hands.


Papernaya has been in a civil relationship with Russian actor Vladimir Yaglych since 2015. They have two children: daughter Eva (2017) and son Daniel (2020). The family lives in Moscow (RF). Papernaya is filmed in Russian projects.

On February 24, 2022, on the day of the Russian attack on Ukraine, Papernaya said that “all this is terrible”, but did not call Russia an aggressor country. Sumskaya, commenting on her daughter’s silence on the war, explained this by “total dependence on circumstances.”

On April 25, Sumskaya, answering the question why her daughter did not leave the Russian Federation, stated that she could not leave her home in the aggressor country. The actress later said that she would not make excuses for her daughter’s position.

In 2014 Sumskaya in an interview “1+1” said that her daughter intended to renounce Ukrainian citizenship and obtain a Russian passport.

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