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The new crown pneumonia epidemic has been raging for more than a year, and many celebrities’ jobs have also been affected a lot. 40-year-old Hong Kong actress Dong Minli (Monie) was also one of the victims. Before the epidemic improved, she simply decided to let herself take a long vacation with her husband, My daughter’s family moved to Taiwan and used a photo to expose the miserable situation at the Hong Kong airport.

Dong Minli and her husband Zhuang Yaojin married in 2016 and gave birth to her daughter Martha (Martha) two years later. She uploaded a photo of Hong Kong airport on Instargram a few days ago and wrote: “Come here, like a dream” and tag “Drone Field” , I hope that the epidemic will disappear as soon as possible. It can be seen that there is no one in the airport in the picture. Compared with the previous Spring Festival tourism, it is very embarrassing.

Dong Minli PO Hong Kong Airport’s miserable situation. (Picture/Retrieved from IG)
Dong Minli's family has arrived in Taiwan and began living in isolation for 15 days.  (Picture/Retrieved from IG)
Dong Minli’s family has arrived in Taiwan and began living in isolation for 15 days. (Picture/Retrieved from IG)

According to a report by “Dongwang”, Dong Minli stopped work last year due to the epidemic. She and her lawyer husband started an immigration plan in the middle of last year and revealed that they were applying for skilled immigration. She said that her daughter is only 2 years old and does not need to go to school. Only then decided to take a one-year long holiday to experience life in Taiwan, and then make plans after the other year.

In addition, Dong Minli also issued a document revealing that this is a “long parent-child holiday”, and many things need to be prepared, such as clothes, pants, footwear, cleaning supplies, diapers, etc., and their family has now arrived in Taiwan for isolation. Dong Minli On the 16th, the IG limited-time dynamic PO filmed a video of her daughter playing house wine in a restaurant, jokingly said what is the isolation? Just fried eggs! Record the life in isolation with pleasure.

(Zhongshi News Network)

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