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Actor Tony Ganios, Star of ‘Porky’s,’ Dies at 64: Report

Tony Ganios, Star of “Porky’s” and Other Cult Classic Films, Reportedly Dies at 64

Tony Ganios, Star of “Porky’s” and Other Cult Classic Films, Reportedly Dies at 64

By Erin Keller

Published Feb. 20, 2024, 5:12 p.m. ET

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Celebrity News

Tony Ganios, famous for his role in the sex comedy “Porky’s” and other cult classic films, has passed away at the age of 64, as reported by TMZ.

The news of Ganios’s death was shared by a person claiming to be his longtime fiancé Amanda Serrano-Ganios, according to TMZ. Serrano-Ganios wrote on Twitter, “The last words we said to each other were ‘I love you.’ Love is an understatement. You are everything to me. My heart, my soul, and my best friend. #I love you #tonyganios.”

Ganios’ sudden death has shocked his loved ones. Amanda expressed her devastation, saying, “I love you so much, my love. I’m broken.” She also shared a touching photo of the couple holding hands.

The New York Post reached out to Ganios’s representative for comment.

Ganios’ Memorable Film Roles

Ganios was best known for playing Perry in “The Wanderers” in 1979 and the fan-favorite Anthony ‘Meat’ Tuperello in the “Porky’s” sex comedy franchise, which gained a significant cult following. In the comedy series, a group of high school boys in 1950s Florida embark on a quest to lose their virginities.

Ganios also appeared in “Die Hard 2” (1990) where his character was famously killed by having an icicle stabbing his eye, dished out by Bruce Willis’ character, John McClane.

Additionally, Ganios had notable roles in films such as “Back Roads,” “Continental Divide,” “Body Rock,” “Rising Sun,” and “The Taking of Beverly Hills.”

Remembering Tony Ganios

Following the news of Ganios’s passing, several fans and X users reached out to express their condolences. One user named Marc revealed his plans to meet Ganios in person in the coming weeks.

Amanda responded to the messages, saying, “Thank you, Marc. It’s just unreal to me right now. It was so fast. He hadn’t felt well and hid it from me for days. When he finally told me and was taken to the hospital, his spinal cord was severely infected. They did surgery, next morning, his heart stopped. I’m crushed.”

(From left) John Friedrich, Ken Wahl, Tony Ganios, and Jim Youngs in “The Wanderers.” Courtesy Everett Collection
Tony Ganios attends the 2023 CollectorFest: New Jersey’s Autograph Supershow. Getty Images
(From left) Dan Monahan, Mark Herrier, Tony Ganios, and Wyatt Knight in “Porky’s Revenge.” Courtesy Everett Collection
Tony Ganios attends the 2012 Chiller Theatre Expo. WireImage

Despite his passing, Tony Ganios’s contributions to the film industry will not be forgotten. His memorable performances in “Porky’s,” “The Wanderers,” and other films left a lasting impact on audiences.

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