Actor Boris Slivka († 57), known from Boys and Guys, died in an accident in Washington!

Actor Boris Slivka died at the age of 57. Viewers remember him most as Vlada Rutkaje from the series Boys and Men.

He pointed out the actor’s death server with a link to his brother Maria. The cause of death is said to be an accident in Washington, which is allegedly being investigated by the police.

“Today, my brother Boris left us forever after the tragic accident. After thirty years, we finally had a common future together. You will remain my greatest inspiration in life, thank you for everything,” Mario said.

The actor has been involved in film since he was eleven. When Czechoslovak Television premiered Boys and Men in 1988, Boris emigrated to America.

“Do you remember the honest but irritable Vladek Rutkaje from the series Boys and Guys, where he played guitar, sang, but also experienced trouble with his wife? It was played by Slovak actor Boris Slivka. It seems unbelievable to me, but Boris died. 57 years old, “recalls journalist and writer Miroslav Graclík.


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