Acquittal for man who planned attack on GGD injection site | Inland

To carry out his plans, K. was looking for, among other things, heavy fireworks. A security guard whom he asked to supply him with walkie-talkies, contacted the police through his employer. Conversations between K. and the security guard were recorded. This led to the arrest of K. on March 18. During the hearing, K. stated that under the influence of cannabis and alcohol consumption there was talk of boasting on his part. “I regret my stupid statements, but I was chasing him a bit, it was a joke.”

K. believes that he has been tricked by the security guard into making certain statements. The court does not think that K. was provoked to make his statements against the security guard. The court also does not believe that it was a joke or bragging, but states that terrorist intent cannot be proven.

Plans for fireworks bomb

The court does find that there are strong indications that the man had concrete plans to throw a fireworks bomb at the vaccination location at night. “But the fact that he is now acquitted is because part of the accusation was that he had terrorist intent with his plans. That cannot be legally established. A perpetrator must have the intention to seriously frighten the population of a country, or to force the government to do something. In this case it has not been shown that the man, with his intention to switch off the vaccination location in Den Helder for a week, had such an intention,” the court said.

The Public Prosecution Service has 14 days to appeal against the acquittal.


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