A very beautiful Moroccan wife was betrayed by her husband in her bed with her best friend… She attended the Forgiving Karim program and was shocked by what she did.!! (video)

Followers of the Forgiveness Karim program enjoyed an exceptional, daring and fun episode that resonated and received wide interest among the masses.

The episode dealt with the story of a Moroccan couple who resorted to the program to solve their problem, which made them separated for a year and a half.

The events of the episode revolve around a Moroccan couple who separated after only two years of marriage.

The reason for the separation of the couple is due to the discovery of the wife, Sarah, who is 21 years old, that her husband Asaad has betrayed her with her best friend.

Sarah was surprised to see her husband Asaad and her best friend in her bed together, which made her immediately file for divorce.

Followers were shocked by the beauty with which the wife appeared on the program, and they poured out their anger on the husband, who could not keep his precious jewel.

The episode achieved the highest viewership rate among the episodes of the program on YouTube, with 30 million views.

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