The hidden secret was revealed years ago.. That is why the artist Nour Al Sharif hated his mother in his childhood.. What happened to him is shocking and no mind will believe it!

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The late Egyptian artist Nour El Sherif revealed, in a previous interview, about his difficult childhood, and the knot that haunted him for a long time and caused him to hate his mother.

Nour al-Sharif said that his father died when he was less than a year old and left his mother to marry another man, and this is what made Nour al-Sharif believe that his uncle was his father, as he had never seen his mother or father before.

And about how he discovered the truth, he said: “One of the teachers called me in the classroom, saying: Where is the student Muhammad Jaber? I did not respond to him, until the teacher came to me and asked me about my name, and I answered him that my name is Nour Ismail, because they were calling me by the name of Nour, inside my uncle’s house, Then the teacher told me, from today, your name is Muhammad Jaber, and when I came back, he asked my aunt, and she revealed the whole truth to me.”

He added that he hated his mother and refused to shake hands with her because of her marriage to a man other than his father, and pointed out that she came one day to take him when he was young, so he ran to take cover in his aunt’s lap, and also revealed that she tried to kidnap him from school, and commissioned her husband to kidnap him, but he failed because of his screaming, which made people in the street gather around him. They take him to the police station.

Nour Al-Sharif confirmed that he regretted his harsh treatment of his mother after studying the world theater and Freud’s theories, where he was convinced that his mother was excused, and that her marriage at a young age was her right and not an attack on his deceased father, revealing that after that his relationship with his mother began to improve.

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