A third of corona patients are still struggling with mental complaints months later

That appears from Research which appears today in The Lancet Psychiatry. Investigators looked at the files of 230,000 corona patients.

One third (34 percent) of them had been diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition six months after infection.

Anxiety disorders (17 percent of all patients) were the most common, followed by problematic mood swings (14 percent).

For 13 percent of the patients, it was the first diagnosis of a mental illness. For ex-corona patients, there is also an increased risk of brain haemorrhages (0.6 percent), strokes (2.1 percent) and dementia (0.7 percent).

Chronic conditions

For comparison, the researchers also looked at the files of 100,000 flu patients and 236,000 files of people with respiratory infections. The risk of mental or neurological disorders was found to be 44 percent higher with corona than with flu, and 16 percent higher than with other respiratory infections.

Paul Harrison, the principal investigator at the University of Oxford, argues that the mental effect of the coronavirus on the world‘s population could be ‘significant’. “Many of these conditions are chronic,” he warns.

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