A scandal at Gamrot’s UFC debut! The Pole lost, even though his rival admitted that it was nonsense

Debuting in UFC Mateusz Gamrot in the fight with Guram Kutateladze he suffered the first defeat in his professional career. The judges were not unanimous. Two of them indicated Georgian as the winner, scoring 29-28, the third judge ruled the Pole’s victory in the same proportion. However, according to most observers – including Kutateladze himself – Gamrot had the advantage in this duel.

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Kutateladze comments on the victory with Gamrot

– It wasn’t mine fight. This is nonsense, “no 1 bulshit”. I am an honest man, you know. Both me and this guy worked hard, but when it came to that verdict … it wasn’t my fight. How many times has this guy brought me down? I am sorry to say this, but it was not my match. I don’t know how the judges scored this fight. Thanks a lot of course, but I’m not happy because it’s not what I expected. Gamrot brother, you are a fighter, thank you very much. I’ve already told you this, you won this fight, it was yours – said Kutateladze after the fight.

Who is Mateusz Gamrot?

Mateusz Gamrot is a former double federation champion KSW – in lightweight and featherweight. In his career MMA He has yet to lose, and started his UFC debut with 17 victories on his account.

– It is known that in KSW I can get better money than initially in the UFC, but my sports ambitions are damned. Money is not the most important thing to me. I have two children and when they ask me what I regret in my old age, I don’t want to answer that I have never tried the UFC – spoke after making the decision to leave the KSW.

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