Drop Blood Sugar Makes You Drown, This Is A Quick And Safe Way To Increase Blood Sugar

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Excess sugar is also dangerous because it can trigger it diabetes mellitus, but lack of sugar is also not good for the body.

Quoted from Intisari Online, if you have excessive sugar intake, the long-term impact will be experienced diabetes mellitus.

However, the body also can not when it comes to lack of sugar or low blood sugar.

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How does the energy we need for activity come from blood sugar or glucose in the blood.

Blood sugar circulates throughout the body all the time.

However, there are times when the rate blood sugar increase or decrease.

This is related to the food we consume.

When blood sugar down to being too low, we’ll probably feel limp, trembling, seizures, or even in extreme cases it can lead to Dead.

Condition blood sugar too low is called hypoglycemia. This condition occurs when levels blood sugar below 70 mg / dL.

Usually, this condition often occurs in diabetics.

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