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A night excursion to enjoy Chartres under the lights

“It’s a visit to the city,” describes Jacky Poirier, hiking manager at ASPTT Chartres. The departure, at 8 pm, will be made from the square in front of the cathedral. The arrival will also take place there.

“Some come from Paris and Orleans just for this event. Some groups have scheduled daytime visits and will take advantage of Chartres en lumière by participating during the Nocturne de Chartres en lumière. Regulars and beginners have already signed up, “says Jacky Poirier. The event, organized by ASPTT Chartres and L’Echo Républicain and ASPTT Chartres, attracted 2,000 walkers last year.

Several courses

With four routes of 5, 8, 12, 16 and 20 km, the Nocturne de Chartres caters to all profiles of walkers. The first circuit can be completed in an hour. The longest, about 4 hours of walking at a moderate pace of 5 km / h.
According to Jean-François Lerma, project manager of the event at Center France Events, “the goal is not to run. The goal is to share a moment of friendship within the “Balades du journal” and visit the city from another perspective while enjoying the illuminated monuments. It’s a family event “.

The Municipality offers its logistical support to mark the route. For longer circuits (12, 16 and 20 km) refreshments will be offered at the L’Odyssée aquatic complex, on the sidelines of the French swimming championships. The first 2,500 subscribers will receive a gift.

The Chartres Nocturne of lights is approaching! See you this Saturday

Thomas Desprez

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