A moving story about the bullied family in Steenrijk, Poor

The Bakker family has endured quite a few setbacks. The family first lived in the Randstad, but decided to move to Nijswiller in Limburg for a sad reason. Sylvia and André have six children in total, but only Jesse and Jerry still live at home. The sons have autism and were severely bullied. “We were sometimes bullied. And once I was even beaten up at school,” says Jesse.

The family wants to make a new start in Limburg, but the care company that Andre and Sylvia have built goes bankrupt. Since then, the family has had to make ends meet on 80 euros a week.

Fred and Irma have also been through a lot in the field of children. Irma says that after an IVF procedure she was pregnant with their first child, Luuk. Unfortunately he died during pregnancy. “Everything is already there, and it really has a place. When we go to church, we burn a candle.”

Very rich, poverty-stricken can be seen every Wednesday evening at 8:30 PM on SBS 6 and on Kijk.nl.

Join Very rich, poverty-stricken means that you suddenly have nothing to spend or are overloaded with money. The latter can cause quite a few emotions, as you can see below.

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