Horner denies possible departure of Verstappen: “Had a good conversation with Max”

Christian Horner has a very good conversation with prior to the announcement of the departure of Honda Max Verstappen had. According to the Red Bull team boss, there is no question of a possible departure of the 23-year-old driver.

Not too long ago Max Verstappen signed a new contract with Red Bull Racing, with which he has committed himself to the Austrian formation up to and including the 2023 season. The Dutchman thus showed that he had full confidence in Red Bull, but also in the future of Honda as an engine supplier. Last week, however, Honda announced that they will be leaving Formula 1 after 2021, leaving Red Bull now in a difficult situation. Many fear that Verstappen would have an escape clause in his contract, so that the Limburger could still leave the team prematurely.

“People continue to wonder if Honda’s departure could mean a change in our driver line-up or even cause Max to leave the team,” Horner writes in his column on the Red Bull website. “Despite the fact that contracts are private, I can tell you that there are no clauses in Max and Alex’s contracts that relate to Honda. So nothing changes.”

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“Just before the announcement, I had a great conversation with Max. He’s just as motivated and cheerful as before and he trusts the team,” he continues. “There will now be some big decisions to be made within the team, but also within the sport. This is because future solutions and technologies for the power unit are currently being pitted against the spectacle and DNA of Formula 1,” said Horner.


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