A huge tragedy since the 18th century. dzhigit and his pregnant girlfriend in Vratsa PHOTOS

A pregnant girl died in a serious accident in Vratsa region.

In the road accident tonight, a car, climbing a slope in the village of Glozhene, crashed into a cement pillar and broke it in three places, bTV reports.

According to eyewitnesses, the car was moving at least 150 kilometers per hour.

The driver is 18 years old, without the right to drive a car. He explained to the police that he had taken the car from a friend. He has fractures and was taken to the Vratsa hospital without danger to life.

His girlfriend, who was pregnant, died on the spot in the accident. The case is being investigated.

The accident happened at the unfortunate section in the village of Glozhene, where heavy trucks lost control due to improper speed and crashed into people’s property.

Photos: bTV


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