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“A Heart for Children” Gala: Kerner surprises Oliver and Amira Pocher

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz was also expected at the “Bild” charity show broadcast on ZDF. Among others, Finance Minister Christian Lindner and his wife, journalist Franca Lehfeldt, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder and his daughter Gloria-Sophie Burkandt, musician Katja Krasavice, tennis star Alexander Zverev and presenter Sophia Thomalla appeared on the red carpet.

The still-married couple Oliver and Amira Pocher apparently made a joint appearance at the gala somewhat involuntarily. Both walked the red carpet separately on Saturday evening the fundraising campaign by “Bild” and ZDF gone. Oliver Pocher took the stage in Berlin at the start of the show with Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, Amira with the “Let’s Dance” winner Anna Ermakova. They sat down in different rows at the donation phone. Moderator Johannes B. Kerner pulled the two of them by his hands in front of the camera on the right and left and asked them to take turns reading out the donation hotline for “A Heart for Children”: He the area code 01802, she the number 10 10 10. The Pochers, who live separately complied with the request somewhat surprised and confused. However, the comedian performed the entire number straight away. Amira teased: “That was clear.” As we left, Oliver Pocher said, somewhat puzzled: “That’s it? Can we get married again now or what?”

Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira had a separation that was virtually in everyone’s ears from June onwards. The two first said in their joint podcast that there were difficulties in their marriage – then at the end of August they confirmed their separation on the same channel. At that time, Amira said: “We will – hopefully we can manage it – continue to be a team and will continue to be there for you as a podcast couple. Not private anymore. Except, of course, we are parents of wonderful children.” But things turned out differently. Pocher is now doing a podcast with his ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden. He apparently doesn’t have much to say to Amira, with whom he has two sons.

Heiko Maas and Natalia Wörner

For a long time they were the most glamorous couple in political Berlin: former Foreign Minister Heiko Mass (SPD) and actress Natalia Wörner. But since he left office, he has hardly been seen anymore – and the two of them together even more rarely. At the end of August they announced their separation in a joint statement via their lawyer. “We decided a long time ago to go our separate ways in the future,” Maas and Wörner told the German Press Agency. “We will remain on friendly terms and wish each other the best for the future.” They appeared together in public for the first time in 2016.

Karl-Theodor and Stephanie zu Guttenberg

They were once among the most dazzling couples in German politics, and were even celebrated by some as the German Kennedys – before the CSU politician stumbled upon the plagiarism affair in his doctoral thesis and his career was broken. Just a few weeks after Maas and Wörner, former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and his wife Stephanie announced their separation. But they will remain closely connected to each other in a great friendship, both said. Another new start followed for the 51-year-old this year: he brought his first book entitled “3 Seconds – Notes from the Present” onto the market. In an interview with the German Press Agency, he remembered the moment of resignation and the time afterwards as a moment of trance.

Cem Ozdemir and Pia Castro

After around 20 years of marriage, Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir and his wife, journalist Pia Castro, are also going their separate ways. “We agreed some time ago in friendship to live separately,” said a joint statement when asked by the German Press Agency. The 57-year-old Green Party politician and the 51-year-old journalist and presenter have a daughter and a son together. “As parents, we continue to care for our two children together,” the statement continued. There has been speculation for some time as to whether Özdemir could soon return to his home town of Baden-Württemberg. He is considered a promising candidate to succeed Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann.

Julia Klöckner and Ralph Grieser

For Özdemir’s predecessor in the Federal Ministry of Economics, 2023 did not bring happiness in love either. Julia Klöckner and her husband announced through their lawyer in August that they had “decided amicably and together” not to continue the marriage. “You and the families will continue to be connected,” it said. The CDU politician, who was Minister of Agriculture from 2018 to 2021, and her husband, classic car dealer Ralph Grieser, married in 2019.

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