Sport Johanis Menco is already at home!

Johanis Menco is already at home!


After hard moments in the clinic, where she stayed for more than 10 days, the santandereana Johanis Menco was finally able to return to her home to continue her recovery, surrounded by her loved ones.

Amid applause and much affection, the athlete left the medical center where nearly 25 people, among friends and family, offered her love, solidarity and support, given the situation the athlete has had to live, who lost her left leg in the accident.

“I did not expect this beautiful gesture from my colleagues and the people who are supporting me,” said Johanis, visibly moved by so much love from her family and friends, who did not stop applauding her and showing her that she is not alone.

The news moves and cheers at all times that the state of health of the athlete was complicated, she needed an artificial respirator and the amputation of her left leg. “The doctors tell us that they have done what is humanly possible,” said Janeth Hernández, Johanis’ mother-in-law at the time.

However, the strength and determination of the santandereana along with the work of the medical personnel who attended her managed to cope with the most terrible moments and this Friday the young woman could be transferred to her home.

“I want to thank God firstly for this opportunity of life that he has given me, I know it is a difficult process, but I am willing to fight, also because I am sure that God will give me the necessary strength to get ahead”, wrote Johanis in his networks social.

On Sunday June 28, the athlete suffered a strong accident when she collided with a glass door, which caused three cuts in the femoral artery of her left leg.

What’s coming

Obtaining a prosthesis for his left leg is the goal of the donation campaign that is underway in favor of Johanis.

Julieth Menco, sister of the athlete, assured this newsroom that the objective of this collection is to provide help for the recovery of the soccer player.

These donations are “for the prosthesis. We want her to be calm, to have that support and not have the need, “he said.

People who wish to donate can do so through the savings account number 78075472462, in Bancolombia, in the name of Johanis Menco Castillo.


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