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A fireworks display in New York to celebrate the vaccination of 70% of its inhabitants

VACCINATION – More than 70% of adults in New York State have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, allowing the last restrictions to be lifted, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday (June 15).

“We have reached 70% vaccination. This is the national objective and we reached it before the time (…). It means we can come back to life as we know it, ”he said, announcing that all state restrictions on business or social life were lifted.

“New Yorkers have always been tough, but the past year has proven to what extent,” added the elected Democrat, congratulating residents. To celebrate the event, several emblematic buildings and places of the state were illuminated from Tuesday, June 15 in the evening in blue and gold, such as the Empire State Building or Niagara Falls, with fireworks in the harbor. of New York and above the falls.

A parade to honor essential workers

The day before, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had already announced another form of celebration, with a large parade to honor essential workers on July 7 on Broadway.

New York is the first major US state to announce that it has crossed this threshold, which President Joe Biden has set himself the goal of achieving by the US National Day of July 4. The state of nearly 20 million people was at the epicenter of the epidemic in the spring of 2020, with more than 42,000 deaths, including 33,000 in New York itself. The city and the state as a whole have long been extremely cautious about the virus, lifting the restrictions only very gradually.

Some small states are already achieving higher vaccination rates, starting with Vermont (northeast): its governor, Phil Scott, announced Monday that he had reached the rate of 80% of adults vaccinated, and proclaimed him also the lifting of restrictions as of Tuesday, June 15.

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