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The Easter This year 2020 will be lived in a very different way due to the confinement caused by the state of alarm decreed in Spain as a consequence of the advance of COVID-19.

Today is Palm Sunday, day on which the procession of The Burrita. This year Easter will be lived from home and with churches behind closed doors.

From the Mayor Board of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Alicante they affirm that the feeling they have this year is “desolation” and “frustration“since they have worked with great enthusiasm throughout the year in the preparation of the processions. Their president, Alfredo Llopis declares that “there are some brotherhoods that will add two years consecutive without procession since on Thursday and Good Friday of 2019 they could not leave due to the rains “.” We are used to being punished many times for the rains, sometimes we have to cancel, there is no other choice but to accept what has happened this year “

Despite the fact that this year the processions are not celebrated, Llopis believes that Easter will be more real never. “Masses, celebrations, the blessing of the palms will be held behind closed doors and there are also many people who have bought palms online.”

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“Holy Week will exist and will be there, both on Monday, Thursday and Good Friday and above all on Easter Sunday. This day the Church celebrates the resurrection of Christ that is the basis and foundation of our faith, the belief in a future life after death. All of this has not been canceled, all of this exists and will continue to be celebrated in parishes behind closed doors and in each of our homes around our family. This is real Easter, “explains Alfredo Llopis.” This year we are going to celebrate it introspectively in the depths of our hearts, in the privacy of our families, “he adds.

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The president of the Alicante Mayor Board remembers that all the masses that take place from Co-cathedral of San Nicolás are broadcast through Facebook so they can be followed from home.

Easter in Alicante was the first to make the decision to suspend its processions. Llopis assures that it was a very difficult and courageous decision because at the time no other city in Spain had made the decision to suspend its Holy Week. “I want to highlight the greatness of the Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Alicante that put the collective good before the private good.”

Now, the Greater Board of Brotherhoods is already working on Easter next year, and ensures that the you win they will be “redoubled”. “Every year we try to do new things, recover things that have been lost over the years, and we seek that Alicante Easter has a benefit in the city itself,” he says.

Alicante City Council tribute

The Alicante Town Hall has decided to pay tribute to the members of the 28 brotherhoods and brotherhoods integrated in the Junta Mayor and to the thousands of people from Alicante who dedicate themselves every year to the commemoration of Holy Week with the placement, until Sunday, April 12, of some blankets of gala on the main balconies of the Town Hall.

Balcony of the Town Hall in Alicante
/ Alicante City Council

Mayor Luis Barcala He explained that the decoration of the balconies “is a simple way of recognizing, from the Town Hall, the example of social responsibility shown by confreres and brotherhoods when they decided unanimously and the first in Spain to suspend the celebrations of Holy Week in Alicante “

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The first mayor has meant that “although there will be no processions this year, which are usually the main axis on which this celebration pivots, we have believed it important at these critical moments that we are all making this gesture to highlight that despite the pandemic we are on the eve of our Easter, one of the celebrations most important for all the people of Alicante and that we could not miss, without paying homage from the City Council. Our balconies In this way they will be a symbol for the confreres, brotherhoods and for all the people of Alicante who come from the depths of their faith and beliefs in this religious celebration that our Holy Week will not be on our streets this year but will still be alive in our hearts. “

The mayor has pointed out, finally, that “the Easter processions of 2019 will again be broadcast by L´Alacantí TV these days to accompany the Alicante residents who are so solidaryly complying with confinement in their homes” . You can also see on this television channel the religious services that are held behind closed doors.

The Burrita shines in the Provincial Palace

The image of the throne of the Brotherhood of Jesus Triumphant La Burrita It looks from today on the facade of the Provincial Palace. The Deputation of Alicante In this way, he wanted to pay tribute to all the groups and brotherhoods in the province that this Easter will not be able to process due to the situation of home isolation that the coronavirus crisis has generated.

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Homage of the Provincial Council of Alicante to Easter

Homage of the Provincial Council of Alicante to Easter
/ Alicante Provincial Council

Palm Sunday has always been a very special day for the Alicante Provincial Council, since from its gardens the well-known procession of ‘La Burrita’ accompanied by thousands of citizens begins its journey year after year, ”explained the institution’s president. provincial, Carlos Mazon, who added that “with this small gesture we want to convey all our love and support to the people who work with care to keep our customs and traditions alive and that, unfortunately, this Easter they will not be able to go out on the streets with their steps” .

The procession of ‘La Burrita’, which is accompanied by thousands of children and adults who carry white palms and olive branches, represents the entry of Christ into Jerusalem and marks the beginning of Holy Week in the city of Alicante. The Brotherhood of Jesus Triumphant was founded within the Provincial Home and has been linked to the Provincial Council. In 1945 he premiered his image, carved by the Murcian sculptor José Seiquer Zanón and this year, therefore, celebrates its 75th anniversary.

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