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A female prosecutor was sentenced for trying to stop a case against a fortune teller

Blagoevgrad prosecutor Raina Bacheva was finally sentenced to six months probation for trying to stop a fraud case against a fortune teller. announced the Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS). The case dates back to 2013. Then Bacheva asked the junior prosecutor to close the fraud investigation against the clairvoyant Nikolinka Vasileva, also known as Gulshen Hoxha. Bacheva convinced her young colleague that it was a “civil-legal dispute” and not a fraud.

The judges of the Supreme Court are adamant that the sentence against Bacheva is correct. They accept that her conversations with the junior prosecutor were definitely an inducement to violate her official duties.

And since all criminally responsible persons should refrain from having an impact on the psyche of persons carrying out judicial activities in the performance of their official duties, this applies to an even greater extent to the magistrates themselves in relation to the cases considered and decided by their colleagues“, the judges wrote.

Bacheva herself was overseeing the BGN 12,000 fraud case against the soothsayer. Before she was sent to Sofia, she ended it. After that, however, her decree was canceled by the court. It is clear from the lawsuit that she was telling her colleague to think twice about ending it as well.

A person from the upper floors is interested in the case. The wheel is spinningshe stated.

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