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Arda Güler: The Rising Star of Turkish Football Set to Thrill Spanish Stadiums

Arda Guler, the new dawn of Turkish football with golden boots, to Real Madrid. Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Sevilla, Italy from AC Milan, Inter Milan; All these are the big clubs who tried to bring the 18-year-old Arda to the team. Real-Barcelona El Clásico battle overtaking Sevilla and Milan clubs in the last lap. Finally, Arda joined Real for a fee of €20 million. The number 24 of Royal will now be hot to thrill the Spanish stadiums.

Look at the characteristics of Arda Güler, who tried to impress the big clubs, 21 goals in 51 games for Turkish club Fenerbahçe in club football, 7 goals and 7 assists last season alone, four games in the national jersey for Turkey and his first international goal. These feats alone were enough to win the heart of Turkey for the 18-year-old Arde, along with his impressive strides on the field.

The Turkish word Arda means joy, joy, honor and Guler means expert organizer, manager. Performance on the field is a combination of all these attributes. The football player who became Turkey’s hero at a young age is characterized by his precision combined with innate skills and artificial intelligence. Arda was soon nicknamed the Messi of Turkey. Arde is considered by the game writers to have the coordination of the style of the Argentinian legend Messi and Mesut Ozil of Turkish origin who wore boots for Germany.

Arda was born on February 25, 2005 in Altindag, Ankara Province. Father Omeetu Gwalar gifted football to his son on his birthday at an early age. Amateur ball player Omeet Gwalar has only one goal. The son should be a world famous footballer. Along with his father’s coaching, his mother Karasulan Gwalar also told the stories of football legends. At the age of 10, Arda entered Genzerberly Academy. Arde’s growth was rapid thereafter. After turning 16, Arda got a place as a player in the first eleven of the professional football club.

Turkey’s President Erdogan, who still finds time to play football, is also a fan of Arda Güler.

Arda, who arrived at the Bernabeu the other day and signed a contract with Florento Perez, soon came to pre-season training with the Real players at the Santiago Bernabeu. Spanish media reports that Real Madrid superstar Luka Modric has said that Arda Güler will be his successor in Los Blancos’ famous number 10 jersey.

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