A famous Indian artist converts to Islam and secretly marries an Egyptian journalist

Al-Marsad newspaper: Indian media revealed a surprise about the marriage of Indian artist Vivian Dsena to an Egyptian journalist, and his conversion to Islam to marry her.

And the “Hindustan Times” newspaper reported that the Indian actor, Vivian Dsina, married his Egyptian sweetheart, Nouran Osama, and has been living with her in Egypt for more than a year.

According to the newspaper, Vivian married Nouran in Egypt, and they held a simple wedding ceremony, and they have been living together for more than a year.

The 34-year-old Dsina had made it clear in previous statements that he would always keep his marriage a secret, noting: “Even if she gets married, there are few chances for anyone to know her. Marriage is a private matter and it should remain so.”

It is worth noting that Dsina answered a question from one of the audience, “Do you believe in the Prophet Jesus?”, saying: “Yes, I believe in him.” He also answered another question: “Do you believe in the Prophet Muhammad,” saying: “Yes,” and a third question: “Will you fast?” the month of Ramadan.” The Indian star replied, “Yes.”

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