A camera filmed dealer Al Ghazi killing a man over fireworks

Denis Mustafa Kamel al-Ghazzi was not released from court. PHOTO: RUMYANA TONEVA

A camera has detected Denis Mustafa Kamel al-Ghazi fatally stabbing Ilian Iliev on January 9 in Sofia over fireworks. This became clear on Monday in the Sofia City Court, which refused to release the accused for the murder. He asked to be released because there were many mosquitoes and other insects that bit him. He also explained that he had to take care of his grandparents. For the first time he admitted to stabbing the former boxer Iliev, but justified himself with self-defense. Prosecutor Violeta Jeleva replied that there was no evidence that Al Ghazi had been injured in the trial. The 22-year-old man with a suspended sentence was examined by a doctor and no injuries were found on him, the prosecutor said. He added that witnesses are adamant about the chronology of events on the fateful day. Iliev and his company celebrated the birth of a child of one of them. They set off fireworks, which irritated Al Ghazi. He came down with his knife and stabbed Iliev in the back.

The case was filmed by a camera, and the expertise on it is ready, the court panel explained. And they pointed out that 2 more recorders were filming Al Ghazi. One is how he leaves his entrance and heads for Iliev’s company with a knife in his hand. The other caught him getting in a car with a blood-stained knife and heading in an unknown direction.

The magistrates explained that this was the moment when the man went into hiding. He was wanted for 2 days before turning himself in to police. Because of his escape, the court said he was at risk of absconding again. He could have committed another crime because he was on probation for his probation for drug trafficking when the murder took place.

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That is why the magistrates left Al Ghazi in custody. He can appeal to the Sofia Court of Appeals on June 7th.

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