A bride screaming hysterically and pleading with the police to save her from her husband on the wedding night.. You will not imagine what he did to her without mercy or pity.!!

After the spread of a video clip of a bride in Uzbekistan screaming loudly as she received a strong blow to the head from the groom during the wedding ceremony, the police intervened and listened to the statements of the newlyweds and their families, for fear of future reactions.

While the developments of the case showed that the bride would not separate from her groom, the authorities filed a lawsuit against the head of the new family, under an article revolving around minor riots.

At her wedding, the bride was subjected to a strange and sudden attack, as her groom hit her head with a blow with the length of his arm, although everyone at that moment was in moments of joy.

A groom dealt a strong blow to his bride’s head after she beat him in a game that seems traditional on such occasions.

A trader from Uzbekistan has a bride and groom make a small traditional game during their wedding, so he hit her on the head hard because she beat him, causing her pain and embarrassment.

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