84 caregivers arrive from Paris as reinforcements

Tahiti, September 2, 2021 – A contingent of 84 caregivers arrived from Paris between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, to lend a hand to hospital staff in Tahiti, Moorea and Raiatea. The state announces new reinforcements “at the end of the week”.

While the High Commission announced on Wednesday the arrival of a health support mission of 87 caregivers in Polynesia, it was finally 84 volunteers who arrived at the fenua between Wednesday evening (34 caregivers from the health reserve) and Thursday morning (50 national solidarity nurses and nursing assistants). This contingent must be deployed in Tahiti and in the islands, in particular at the Taaone hospital center and in the peripheral hospitals of Taravao, Moorea and Uturoa, in Raiatea where 13 caregivers plan to be dispatched as reinforcements. Confronted structures “to a situation of very high tension “, notes Thursday a press release from the high commission. Communiqué which further recalls that “these new reinforcements in nursing staff complete a first team of 15 nurses from the health reserve, who arrived on August 11, and the team of 12 nurses ” mobilized since last week.

67 volunteers are expected from Paris over the weekend to support the staff of health facilities in their fight against the virus, this press release also declares, stressing that “in total, it is already more than a hundred caregivers arriving from hexagonal France who are mobilizing strongly for French Polynesia “.
Thursday morning, the Ministry of Overseas for its part announces the sending of “500 caregivers in Papeete, Fort de France and Pointe à Pitre to support the healthcare teams on site “, with obviously the beautiful part reserved for the two departments of the Antilles.

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