8 Nutritional tips from dieticians that really help you

Discovering new things is always fun. Those solutions to everyday situations (that you didn’t even know you needed) make everything so much easier. Fortunately, such lifehacks also exist in the field of nutrition. The following 8 tips have been recommended by leading dietitians to TIME Magazineand we can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Making bacon from eggplant
Transform thin slices of eggplant into flavorful fake bacon using olive oil, coconut sugar, paprika, chili powder, garlic powder and sea salt. Then put them in the oven and you will spontaneously forget what real bacon once tasted like.

2. Make tomato cream sauce without cream
To add the creamy texture to your tomato sauce, you can add some hummus. It tastes great and contains fewer calories than regular cream.

3. A perfect addition to your salsa
Add some cottage cheese to your salsa for a nice fresh bite. It’s lean and adds a lot of protein to your salsa dip.

4. Boost your baking
Do you like baking? Then use nut butter instead of (cream) butter or margarine. It contains more good fats, fiber, proteins and antioxidants than regular butter and has a good taste.

5. Just add some vinegar
Vinegar can give that one tasty twist to your food. For example, try balsamic over your fruit, such as watermelon. You wish you had known this healthy hack sooner!

6. Healthier whipped cream
Do you like whipped cream but are you also thinking about the line? Then whipped coconut cream might be a better alternative. You can add cocoa or vanilla extract for some extra flavor.

7. Pesto with Protein
Try making pesto with pistachios instead of pine nuts. This contains more fiber and protein and gives a nice color to your pesto.

8. Embrace watermelon seeds
Some people think that watermelon seeds are not edible, but in fact they are. For example, you can put them in your salad or just eat them right away.

Source: Time Magazine | Image: iStock

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