5,000 exoplanets discovered, 31% of them look like Earth

current newsResearch – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has discovered that there are 5,000 exoplanets or exoplanets, some of which are even similar to Earth.

Lead science for NASA’s Exoplanet Archive, Jessie Christiansen, said the discovery was more than just a number.

Because, they managed to find an exoplanet that is the same size as Earth, even bigger than Jupiter.

“It’s not just numbers. Each of them is a new world, a new planet. I’m happy with everyone because we don’t know anything about them,” Christiansen said.

5,000 Exoplanets Found

Of the 5,000 exoplanets NASA has found, 35% are similar in size to Neptune or Uranus. The difference is, if the temperature of Neptune and Uranus is very cold because it is filled with ice, then the exoplanets found are much warmer.

Meanwhile, about 31% of exoplanets are called Super Earths because they are rocky planets and are similar in size to the planets Earth and Neptune. While 30% is a planet with a high gas content.

According to the first person to discover exoplanets in 1992, Alexander Wolszczan did not rule out the possibility that NASA’s 5,000 exoplanets had life on them.

“In my opinion, it is inevitable that we will find some kind of life somewhere. Most likely of a primitive type,” Alexander Wolszczan was quoted as saying Telset.

It must be admitted that the ability of scientists to find exoplanets is growing thanks to their academic abilities and supported by advanced technology.

Currently, there are 2 powerful technologies for finding exoplanets, namely the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite launched in 2018 and the James Webb Space Telescope launched in late 2021.

The search for exoplanets is still continuing, because NASA predicts that in the Milky Way galaxy there are billions of exoplanets waiting to be found.

“Our galaxy is likely home to billions of exoplanets. And the truth about extraterrestrial life may be out there.”

We’ll just have to wait and see whether NASA will find another exoplanet in 2022 that might be similar to planet Earth.

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