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70-Year-Old Citizen Overcomes Disease Through Sports and Weightlifting

Al-Marsad newspaper: Hussein Al-Yami, a citizen from the Najran region, narrated how sports and lifting weights became the path to good health and recovery from many of the diseases he suffered from, even though he is in his seventies.

“Hussein Al-Yami” appeared in a video clip published by the “Mbc One Week” program, lifting one of the weights on his shoulder, saying: “This is 100 kilos.. Many people do not believe that it is real.”

He continued: As long as God bestowed His grace on man, I saw in myself the disease and the culprit of the injury… that is, an old man, when the disease takes hold of him, then diabetes comes, and suddenly pressure, then a stroke, and then salvation is over.. Pointing out that exercise is the path to good health.

Regarding making sports a hobby and a way of life for him, Al-Hussein Al-Yami explained: “This is what we found our ancestors to be. They were among the first gray men to work with their money and businesses, and they were herders and farmers.

Footage from the video showed the seventy-year-old citizen, Hussein Al-Yami, practicing some resistance exercises, including lifting weights to strengthen the muscles.

2023-10-20 15:52:05
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