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7 Most Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts That Haven’t Been Solved Until Now

JAKARTAAncient manuscripts written from hundreds to thousands of years ago can reveal a lot about ancient cultures if translated successfully. Unfortunately, not all of the manuscripts were successfully deciphered by archaeologists to find out the meaning contained in them.

Some of the manuscripts have utterly baffled archaeologists and other scientists, while others have revealed their quite interesting meanings. From Egyptian books full of magic spells to ancient texts written in unknown languages, they are still being translated today.

Here are 7 of the most mysterious ancient manuscripts that have not been solved to date, quoted from Live Science:

1. Book Linen

This ancient text was written in Etruscan, the language spoken in Italy in ancient times, on the cloth used to wrap mummies. Dating back about 2,200 years, the mummy and its removed wrapper are now in the Zagreb Museum in Croatia.

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Meaning ancient manuscripts is not completely clear and is classified as either a funeral calendar in the past or as a ritual calendar. Unfortunately, this is only an estimate because scientists have not succeeded in deciphering the ancient writings.

2. Gospel of Mary

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