7 Diabetic Foods and Drinks that Must Be Avoided, Blood Sugar Can Increase Drastically

PORTAL JEMBER – Sufferers diabetes not only obliged to maintain sugar intake to control levels blood sugar. Carbohydrate intake must be maintained.

If sufferers diabetes consuming too many carbohydrates, levels blood sugar could instantly jump to extremely dangerous levels.

Reported PORTAL JEMBER from healthline, here are 7 food and beverage restrictions diabetes which must be avoided:

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  1. White bread

White bread is one of the high-carb processed foods so that it becomes a disease tab diabetes.

Studies have found that high-carbohydrate foods don’t just raise levels blood sugar but also reduce brain function in sufferers diabetes type 2 and mental deficits.

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  1. Fruit flavored yogurt

Plain yogurt can be a good intake for sufferers diabetes but not for yogurt with fruit flavor.


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