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5G Internet is starting to be used more widely in Latvia

In May of this year, the first users of the Latvian technology company “LMT“and” MikroTik ” 5G internet routers; Several hundred customers of this telecommunications service provider have started using 5G Internet in their homes and offices.

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Until now, 5G Internet was available to Latvian residents only for companies and universities for research purposes, as well as on mobile smart devices that support 5G technology. The solution created by LMT and MikroTik allows you to transfer 5G from mobile devices to the home Internet.

“In cooperation with the home country ICT industries giant “MikroTik” has created the first 5G routers manufactured in Latvia, which ushers in a new era in the Latvian technology innovation industry and expands export opportunities. This once again confirms that the Latvian ICT industry is able to create innovative products that do not have to be purchased from abroad, but on the contrary – are exportable, ”emphasizes Juris Binde, President of LMT.

The router manufactured in Latvia allows both downloading and uploading data with unprecedented capacity, which will provide users with a better experience of using the service even during peak hours and allow them to enjoy faster Internet, video streaming on several devices simultaneously, etc. The theoretical maximum download speed of the router is 5.0 Gbps. speed – 650 Mbps. According to the device developers, this technology supports 4 * 4 MIMO, and its software management is provided by “MikroTik” and “Winbox” applications.

“Our future will be as technologically advanced as we invest our work and resources in technological development today. Until recently, we only talked about 5G as an innovative idea, but now we see the result of purposeful work, ”says John Tully, co-owner and chairman of the technology company MikroTik, emphasizing that 5G capabilities are becoming more available on a daily basis, while opening up Latvia new opportunities for the export of technologies produced here.

Due to the limited quantity, the LMT 5G router is currently only available in Ādaži, it will be available to the rest of Latvia gradually, along with the development of the company’s 5G network. The global situation regarding Covid-19 has hampered the production and availability of parts, so for some time 5G routers will be available to other manufacturers in limited quantities, LMT predicts.

“LMT” does not disclose investments in development, and the planned volumes are also a trade secret, but as the product is high quality and powerful, it is in high demand. The company states that the product is intended for worldwide distribution and, as a router manufactured in Europe and NATO, it has good market potential.

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