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5 Instagram profiles to travel across the screen

A picture is worth a thousand words. And this is what happens to us in Instagram and above all, in some specific profiles. Through this social network we discover amazing places, dreamy corners, restaurants where we dream of having dinner soon … Instagram is a great source of inspiration and information and especially in these five profiles that we have chosen. We are going to travel, and to dream, through the screen.


Photo: @seehura
Mykonos / Photo: @seehura
Hotel Escondido
Hotel Escondido / Photo: @seehura

@seehura is the Instagram profile of Tania Karmeinsky, a profile where we find small travel guides, incredible hotels and places of those that we want to have even as a wallpaper. In its highlights we find, in addition to inspirational images, guides with valuable information. Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza, Andalusia, California, the Costa Brava, Paris, New York, Jamaica, London … And in your feed the Na Xamena hacienda, an emblem with the best views of Ibiza, a sunset at Kastro’s -in Mykonos-, Menorca Experimental, the Janeiro Hotel in Rio de Janeiro… A thousand places where we want to book.


French Riviera, in France
Costa Azul / Photo: @luxconduct
Lake Como
Lake Como / Photo: Slims Aaron

The luxury in images, that is the profile of @luxconduct. A profile that has more than 186,000 followers. A classic boat on Lake Como, a corner of Atrani -on the Amalfi Coast-, Villa Cetinale in Tuscany, a picture of Brigitte Bardot Y Sami Frey on the French Riviera -a photo from 1960-, Ayrton Senna in a McLaren touring Monaco … A table set for dinner in Manhattan, a wonderful swimming pool in a chateaux in the south of France, a capture of Matera -in Italy-… In this profile we travel to iconic places with history, but we also travel back in time. Sophistication is breathed in each of his photos.


Window to the sea
Photo: @marisapassera
Window to the sea
Argentario / Photo: @valentinabarabuffi

Surely this profile sounds familiar to you. The world from a window is the Instagram profile with the most beautiful views. Windows from all over the world allow us to peek from the screen and dream of that moment. To think that we are there. Windows to the world of all kinds with a story behind that we always have to guess. A window in the Scottish Borders -with the English countryside in the background-, a window with a view of Positano, a window in Amangiri, a window in Liguria, in Santorini … Any of them is good for us and we like it. Any of them makes us travel.

Lake Como
Photo: @lakecomo_boat
Amalfi coast
Amalfi Coast / Photo: @pinkines

«The Italian vibes, excellence and places in their most refined expression». This 119,000-follower profile is dedicated solely to Italy, but we don’t care. La Tonnara di Scopello, Villa Monastero, Borgo Pignano in Tuscany, Malcesine – on Lago di Garda-, Villa Balbiano in Ossoccio, Villa d’Este in Cernobbio, the Pantheon square in Rome, the Giardino Barbarigo Valsanzibio in Padua, Villa Trevise in Positano, the Gritti Palace in Venice, Villa Monastero in Lake Como, La Canzone del Mare in Capr… Beautiful places to point out on the map on our next visit to Italy.

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan
Steve McQueen
Steve McQueen

This profile, with 188,000 followers, is primarily intended for men. Style, travel, photography, art … He even has his own website. It is a page to travel through images designed for men with style. We travel, but men also play a leading role. We traveled to Rome with Audrey Hepburn and the actor Gregory Peck, we traveled to Venice with Roger Moore, we go to Jamaica with Marlon Brando, we go to Lake Como with George Clooney, we traveled to the French Riviera with Grace Kelly y Cary Grant… Impossible not to want to spend hours and hours enjoying this profile.

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