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UNAM researchers discover gene that causes breast cancer



21/05/202111:15 p.m.Author: Editorial staffSource: Agencies

UNAM researchers discover gene that causes breast cancer

The genetic mutation that affects thousands of women around the world could have an explanation that will help fight the disease.

Science is at the service of the human race, to show a current inquiry that revealed the viable gen which is behind the pathology of breast cancer that fundamentally harms millions of women around the world.

We are talking about an investigation made by the ONE and the National Institute of Genomic Medicine, where the increase in pathology tumors and how the genomic mutation happens was analyzed.

For this analysis, around 200 patients who remain throughout a health procedure to combat the pathology were analyzed; breast cancer could be the main cause of tumors in women and everything seems to indicate that this could continue to grow in the following years.

Of 100 hospital admissions, 24 of which occurred occurred at least 24 in the breast; It is mostly women who are damaged by this health problem that will continue to worsen over time.

“We found a mutation in a gen which is called AKT1-E17K, which participates in cell proliferation; that is, the tumor keeps growing. In the patients we evaluate, it is 8 percent, compared to 4 percent in other populations, “the analysis revealed.

This information is promising, since when doing this study it will also be feasible to consider certain treatments that directly attack the gen which is the cause of the mutation.

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