“4 Ways Liposome Technology in Skincare Mirrors its Common Use in Cancer Treatment”

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Sunday, 26 Mar 2023 06:30 WIB


Who would have thought that the technology commonly used in cancer treatment could also be applied to facial treatments? This technology is called liposomes, mother.

Liposomes are transport or media that can play a role in various ways to improve pharmaceutical active ingredients. Liposomes protect the drug molecules they are made from external degradation.

“This liposome technology is used for cancer treatment in general. How do you deliver the drug ingredients directly to the target? So this liposome technology was created,” said Liviana Oktora, Marketing Manager of Astalift, at the event ASTALIFT The Serum Product LaunchingThursday (9/3/2023).

Liposomes in cosmetics and skincare

Launching from the Creative Biostructure page, many people are more focused on their health and appearance than in previous years. Because of this, liposome technology is increasingly being developed and used in cosmetic products as well skincare.

Presence of liposomes in cosmetics and skincare turned out to be able to work more optimally and efficiently. Several studies have shown that liposomes facilitate the passage of active ingredients across the stratum corneum and deliver them to the deep layers of the epidermis.

Lipososm not only works as an effective tool to help the absorption of cosmetics and skincare into the skin, Mother. This technology can also increase hydration and protect the skin from external stressors such as sunlight or sweat.

The function of liposome technology in skincare

Liviana explained that there are several functions of liposome technology when used in products skincare. If you’re curious, here’s the sequence:

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1. Encapsulation

Livi said, liposome technology can function as encapsulation or encapsulation. This means that liposomes will provide protection to the ingredients used in skincare.

“This means we provide a protective membrane to all ingredients which we will use in skincare,” he explained.

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