4 New Players Who Perfected Ralf Rangnick’s Strategy at Manchester United, Liverpool’s Number 1 Attacker : Okezone Bola

RALF Rangnick indeed only contracted six months as a coach Manchester United. After that, the German tactician will serve as a Manchester United transfer consultant until 30 June 2024.

However, the latest news according to reports The Sun, Ralf Rangnick has the potential to be appointed as a permanent manager of Manchester United if it gives optimal results. This allows Ralf Rangnick to freely bring in the players he wants.

A number of players can improve the gegenpressing or counter pressing strategy discovered by Ralf Rangnick. So, who are the players in question?

Here are 4 new players who perfected Ralf Rangnick’s strategy at Manchester United:

4. Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Sadio Mane is known as a forward who does not hesitate to help snatch the ball from the feet of opposing players. In fact, this Senegalese player also did not hesitate to help the defense.

The 29-year-old also has a personal relationship with Ralf Rangnick. Ralf Rangnick was the person who brought Sadio Mane to join Red Bull Salzburg in the summer of 2012. At that time, Ralf Rangnick was the Sporting Director of Red Bull Salzburg.

3. Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

Manuel Neuer

In the era of modern football, goalkeepers have an important role in starting a team’s attack. Bayern Munich goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, is one goalkeeper who meets these criteria.

For your information, Ralf Rangnick is the figure who gave Manuel Neuer a professional debut. In 2005, Ralf Rangnick promoted Manuel Neuer to the senior team of Schalke 04.

2. Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)

Erling Haaland

Name Erling Haaland sticking out when defending Red Bull Salzburg from January to December 2019. At that time, from 27 matches, Erling Haaland scored 29 goals!

You could say, Erling Haaland is the right successor for Cristiano Ronaldo who is not young anymore. Erling Haaland also has a good relationship with Ralf Rangnick. When Erling Haaland played for Red Bull Salzburg, Ralf Rangnick served as Director of Sport.

1. Roberto Firmino (Liverpool)

Roberto Firmino

Roberto Firmino must thank Ralf Rangnick. Because, Ralf Rangnick is the figure who brought this Liverpool striker to a career in Europe.

In January 2011, Ralf Rangnick who at that time handled TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, brought Roberto Firmino from the Brazilian club, Tombense. Thanks to Ralf Rangnick’s polish, Roberto Firmino is now one of the best hole strikers in the world.

In Ralf Rangnick’s 4-4-2 pattern, Roberto Firmino can fill one of the two players who serve as attackers. It’s interesting to wait, will one of the four names above be brought by Ralf Rangnick to Manchester United?


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