330 invaders and 14 tanks destroyed in Ukraine 24 hours a day

During the day 330 invaders and 14 tanks were destroyed and 15 drones were shot down.

Since the reinvasion began on February 24, the Russians have lost 2,449 tanks, 5,064 personnel carrier tanks, 1,424 guns, 344 multi-charge rocket launchers, 177 anti-aircraft artillery installations, 266 airplanes, 232 helicopters, 1,047 drones. , 246 cruise missiles, 3,854 cars and 15 tankers and, in addition to 134 units of specialized equipment.

In the past 24 hours, the enemy has suffered the greatest losses in the direction of Kramatorsk, Avdiyivka and Krivijrykh, inform the Ukrainian army general staff.

The extent of Russia’s losses is clarified, as the acquisition of information is hampered by hostilities.

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