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3:1 against USC! Big cinema – crazy atmosphere

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There are games that stay in the memory longer than others – because the dramaturgy was very special. The match between VC Wiesbaden and USC Münster on Saturday afternoon (5:00 p.m.) in the sports hall at Platz der DeutschenUnity falls into this category.

You can find more information in the following press release. You will find the download link to a printable photo at the end of the email.

Sporty greetings from Wiesbaden


3:1 against USC! Big cinema – crazy atmosphere

There are games that stay in the memory longer than others – because the dramaturgy was very special. The match between VC Wiesbaden and USC Münster on Saturday afternoon (5:00 p.m.) in the sports hall at Platz der DeutschenUnity falls into this category. What started out worryingly from the VCW’s point of view was completely turned from black and white. In the end, the head coach’s protégés had it Benedikt Frank won a 3:1 (17:25, 25:18, 25:20, 33:31) and sent euphoric 1,094 spectators into the weekend after 128 minutes. Both teams had a mega fight in the fourth set, which was the best advertisement for competitive sport in the 1st Women’s Volleyball Bundesliga. The VCW secured three more points (now 11) and thus moved up to sixth place in the table ahead of the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg, who will play against SC Potsdam on November 26th. The Raben are Wiesbaden’s next away opponent in the league on December 2nd.

Introductory words

This time Benedikt Frank had his regular formation with Tanja Großer and Jaidyn Blanchfield (both wing attack), Izabella Rapacz (diagonal), Milana Božić (passer), Nina Herelová and Rachel Anderson (middle block) and Rene Sain (Libera) largely play through. Melissa Langegger (wing attack) and Celine Jebens (diagonal) were briefly substituted for Jaidyn Blanchfield and Izabella Rapacz. USC head coach Lisa Thomsen On the other hand, they happily switched in and out in order to regain the grip on the game that had gradually been lost after the first set. The outcome is known.

Thomsen’s middle blocker Amalie Jorgensen (Denmark) was awarded silver after the 1:3 defeat against the VCW. Wiesbaden’s middle blocker Rachel Andersen (USA) secured the gold MVP medal; she scored 18 points. Her teammates Tanja Großer (17), Jaidyn Blanchfield (13), Izabella Rapacz (12) and Nina Herelová (11) also scored double figures. Amalie Jorgensen (17), Elena Kömmling and Mikala Mogensen (both outside attack, 12 each) did this on the Münster side.

The dramaturgy

First sentence: It began – and ended – completely differently than most of the spectators in the hall expected… The VCW quickly fell behind (1:4, 5:9, 7:13) and did not recover as the game progressed. All elements were not up to par. Münster took advantage of the large gaps in the VCW’s block and field defense. Many of the hosts’ attempts to attack didn’t work. Münster, on the other hand, played the game solidly. It was 17:25 after 26 minutes – Frank’s protégés now had to react, and they did so impressively.

Second sentence: The VCW’s core six shook themselves briefly and then had all their senses together. The block stood like a one, the area was effectively covered, the assumption worked; The lead grew accordingly (5:2, 10:3, 13:8). Diagonale Celine Jebens, who had just come on as a substitute, made it 16:10 with a nice block. Rachel Anderson, Tanja Großer and Nina Herelová brought their team further forward (17:11, 18:12, 22:13). There were ten VCW set points at 24:14 before USC picked itself up again and scored four points in a row. However, there was nothing more possible – Diagonale Gloria Destiny Mutiri (USA) was the last player with the ball. However, she hit the round into the net to make it 25:18 for the VCW – the score was now 1:1.

Third sentence: The VCW continued to march forward without a care in the world (4:0, 10:6). At 13:8, Tanja Großer splashed into the far corner of the USC field and she then immediately marked the next points. Rachel Anderson delivered an ace to make it 17:9. Rica Maase (Diagonal) scored two points in a row for the guests (17:23, 18:23), but she couldn’t stop the VCW from winning the set either: 25:20 (2:1).

The highlight: fourth movement

When a set ends at 33:31, it is clear that a lot has happened on the field. In short: everything that this sport can offer was actually included here. Only the home team was behind (2:4, 3:6). First equalizer at 6:6. First lead for the VCW at 7:6. Expansion to 11:9, then deficit again (11:12). A hot head-to-head race followed until the end of the game. At 24:23, Münster had set ball! Both teams drew level a total of 25 times in this section! Wiesbaden kept getting match points (8 in total!), but USC held on. In the end, the Hessians had better nerves – the result was 33:31, the VCW won 3:1. The hall was upside down, the trainers and Lisa Thomsen were tearing their hair out – also because of several challenges that, of course, were not always evaluated to their own satisfaction. Referee Srdjan Arsic (Mühlheim am Main) also took the right to two checks.


Benedikt Frank: “The game with this fourth set was awesome – for the players, for us coaches and of course for the spectators. I have never experienced such tension with what felt like endless leadership changes. That was pure high tension. We’ve found ourselves in dramatic situations several times this season, but this time we were finally able to pull things together. The self-confidence was there. We really wanted a set and a win. Münster took us by surprise at the beginning, no question. It took us a while to get into the game. The way we turned the game around after losing the first set was great.”

Rene Sain (VCW-Libero): “In many previous games we only got into the flow later. But here we completely missed the first sentence. Then we pressed the reset button. We were able to clear our heads and adjust a few things in the system. Then the reception and defense also worked very well. We have become more and more secure. The last sentence was a real feat that I am very proud of.”


The VCW is now preparing for the trip to Turkey. On Thursday evening (November 30th), the first leg of the CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup at Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul will be about the best possible starting position for a place in the quarter-finals. The team then travels directly to Bavaria because the Rote Raben Vilsbiburg are waiting on Saturday.


1. Volleyball Bundesliga

December 2nd, 2023 (Saturday, 7:00 p.m.): Rote Raben Vilsbiburg – VCW

(Vilsbiburg, ball sports hall)

The games will be broadcast live and on-demand on the Sport1 extra streaming platform and on DYN.

CEV Volleyball Challenge Cup (round of 16)

First leg: November 30, 2023 (Thursday, 8:30 p.m. Istanbul local time = 6:30 p.m. German time): Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul – VCW

Burhan Felek Sports Hall

Second leg*: December 6, 2023 (Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.):

VCW – Galatasaray Daikin Istanbul

(Wiesbaden, sports hall at the German Unity Square)

*Livestreaming (+ on demand):
(free of charge)

Tickets: www.vc-wiesbaden.de/tickets

Der 1. Volleyball-Club Wiesbaden e.V. wurde 1977 gegründet und ist spezialisiert auf Frauen- und Mädchenvolleyball. Die professionelle Damen-Mannschaft ist seit 2004 ohne Unterbrechung in der 1. Volleyball Bundesliga Frauen vertreten und spielt ihre Heimspiele in der Sporthalle am Platz der Deutschen Einheit, im Herzen der hessischen Landeshauptstadt. 
Die bislang größten sportlichen Erfolge des VC Wiesbaden sind der Einzug in das DVV-Pokalfinale in der Saison 2012/2013 und 2017/2018 sowie die Deutsche Vizemeisterschaft in der Saison 2009/2010. Auch die erfolgreiche Nachwuchsarbeit ist Teil des VCW. Aktuell bestehen über 30 Nachwuchs-Teams, die in den vergangenen Jahren zahlreiche Titel bei überregionalen Volleyball-Meisterschaften sowie im Beachvolleyball erkämpften. Als Auszeichnung dafür erhielt der VC Wiesbaden im Jahr 2016 das „Grüne Band“ des Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes (DOSB). 
Der VC Wiesbaden ist Lizenzgeber der unabhängigen VC Wiesbaden Spielbetriebs GmbH, die die Erstliga-Mannschaft stellt. Der Verein ist zudem Mitglied der Volleyball Bundesliga ( www.volleyball-bundesliga.de) sowie des Hessischen Volleyballverbands ( www.hessen-volley.de). Das Erstliga-Team wird präsentiert von den Platin-Lilienpartnern ESWE Versorgung ( www.eswe.com) und OFB Projektentwicklung ( www.ofb.de).

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