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29 Protesters from the Tangsel Walkot Office Returned After Taking a ‘Tour’ to TPU

South Tangerang

Dozens student who had a demo in front of the South Tangerang Mayor’s office, he was finally sent home. They were sent home after before taken ‘tour’ to TPU Jombang and Home Against COVID.

South Tangerang Police Chief AKBP Iman Imanuddin said there were 3 demands for the mass action. One of them asked the South Tangerang City Government to evaluate the PPKM Level 4 policy.

“What was delivered the hell asked the Mayor of South Tangerang to remove the Head of the PP and the Pamulang Sub-district Head. Then ask for an evaluation of PPKM Level 4 in South Tangerang. Then asked to provide information facilities related to Covid services,” said AKBP Iman Imanuddin to reporters, Monday (26/7/2021).

Iman explained that his party had offered to facilitate mass representatives who expressed their aspirations. But they refused and forced to hold a demonstration.

“As we know in Tangsel, the condition is still in its infancy PPKM level 4, so that we take strict action against them as stipulated in the laws and regulations,” he explained.

The students were then tested for antigen swab. One of them is reactive and has been taken to the COVID Fighting House to be isolated.


Meanwhile, the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Tangsel Police AKP Angga Surya Saputra said that the 29 students who had been detained had been sent home.

“We have sent them home, except for 1 who is reactive for COVID, we bring them to the House of Fighting COVID to be isolated,” said Angga.

See on the next page, students are invited to see the condition of the COVID-19 corpse grave at Jombang TPU

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