Riad Sattouf Grand Prix 2023

It’s a long story between Riad Sattouf and the Angoulême Festival. Fauve d’or in 2010 with Pascal Brutal then in 2015 with The Arab of the future, here he is elected by his Grand Prix 2023 pairs. Nothing surprising for this author who monopolizes the top of sales year after year with his great autobiographical … Read more

The ECHR recognizes the eastern territories of Ukraine as controlled by Moscow since 2014

European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has adopted a decision according to which Ukrainian the eastern territories, where “people’s republics” were declared in 2014, were “de facto” Moscow under control. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This means that from the point of view of international law, human rights violations in this territory can … Read more

European champions folded 3-2 at home

Kedzierzyn-Kozle (Poland), 25 January 2023 Champions League, Pool D closed without knockout: European champions folded 3-2 at home Alessandro Michieletto in attack against the Polish trio lined up in front (photo cev.eu) Trentino Itas ends the group stage of the 2023 CEV Champions League undefeated, conquering the field of the two-time European Champions in charge … Read more

PiVPN: How to secure your home connection via VPN for free

Do you need to securely connect to the Internet in different environments? If you have a public IP address, you may want to use your own VPN. There is a relatively simple way to create it using a Raspberry PI minicomputer and VPN Wireguard. It also works on Ubuntu and Debian distributions. The instructions can … Read more

LAST-MINUTE E.ON explanation with IMPORTANT information for Romanians

E.ON, one of the largest companies from which Romanians buy natural gas and electricity at the moment, has published a last-minute explanation with extremely important information that all Romanian customers must know, because could be put in the situation of needing the information provided. E.ON talks below about the situation in which a person has … Read more

A boy for Paris Hilton

“There are no words to express how much you are already loved,” the 41-year-old former reality star said in a message accompanied by a photograph and a blue heart emoji. She revealed last month that she had attempted, with her husband since 2021, entrepreneur Carter Raum, in vitro fertilization during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was … Read more

Risks in 2023 for the mental health of employees

Office notebook. The economic landscape does not bode well for the mental health of employees. Validated or approved employment protection plans (PSE) jumped from the second quarter of 2022, up by 51,8 % over a quarter, according to the Ministry of Labor. Social law lawyer David Guillouet, of the firm Voltaire Avocats, notes for his part … Read more