Health: One in 100 people suffer from syncytial virus complications

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Population syncytial virus Like the normal flu and there’s no need to worry about it explaining it Out of 100 people, there is one infected person who develops complications, noting that if a person infected with the syncytial virus feels a continuous increase in temperature for […]

Waiting for AKBP Doddy’s surprise about Inspector General Teddy’s drug case

Jakarta – Complaint Inspector General Teddy Minahasa As for the 5kg of methamphetamine, the evidence for disclosing the case at Bukittinggi Police was still in the possession of the prosecutor, making AKBP Doddy Prawiranegara shake his head. In response to this, AKBP Doddy Prawiranegara had prepared a surprise trial. “Definitely (check with the prosecutor’s office), […]

New Report: Hundreds of Abuse Cases in Baltimore Archdiocese

A new allegation of abuse has rocked the Catholic Church in the United States: According to a state investigation released Thursday (local time), the archdiocese is Baltimore more than 600 people have been abused since 1940. The victims are said to be children and young people who were no more than 18 at the time […]

The opposition has blocked the center of Chisinau, the police are ready to act

In the capital of Moldova, several tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition parliamentary party ‘Shor’ and the Communist Party today, November 18, hold a protest in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office. Protesters are demanding the resignation of the head of the department after the correspondence of Justice Minister Sergei Litvinenko appeared in […]

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Producers reveal how the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ couples split

rolandče and Vita Laicane Photo: advertising The moment Maxim Bussel met Lisa Mania, it was like we had reunited best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. There was an instant connection between them. But Busel revealed in an interview for ‘Privatā Dzīve’ that the producers didn’t want to put the two […]

Gaming, eSports and pop culture at the return of Lisboa Games Week

After having stopped due to the pandemic, Lisboa Games Week has already started. Until Sunday there is gaming, eSports and pop culture to discover at the FIL, in Lisbon. The highlights of this edition are the increased attention to cosplay, the launch of games around the world, the competition finals and a space dedicated to […]