Health: One in 100 people suffer from syncytial virus complications

This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Population syncytial virus Like the normal flu and there’s no need to worry about it explaining it Out of 100 people, there is one infected person who develops complications, noting that if a person infected with the syncytial virus feels a continuous increase in temperature for … Read more

Waiting for AKBP Doddy’s surprise about Inspector General Teddy’s drug case

Jakarta – Complaint Inspector General Teddy Minahasa As for the 5kg of methamphetamine, the evidence for disclosing the case at Bukittinggi Police was still in the possession of the prosecutor, making AKBP Doddy Prawiranegara shake his head. In response to this, AKBP Doddy Prawiranegara had prepared a surprise trial. “Definitely (check with the prosecutor’s office), … Read more

The opposition has blocked the center of Chisinau, the police are ready to act

In the capital of Moldova, several tens of thousands of supporters of the opposition parliamentary party ‘Shor’ and the Communist Party today, November 18, hold a protest in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office. Protesters are demanding the resignation of the head of the department after the correspondence of Justice Minister Sergei Litvinenko appeared in … Read more

Terrible formation for the Indonesian U-20 national team after the entrance of Struick and Soree

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Indonesia Under-20 National Team will have a terrifying lineup over Raffaele Struick And Zico Soree joined the Garuda Nusantara team in Spain. Two naturalized players of the Indonesian under-20 national team, Rafael Struick and Zico Soree, have joined the training camp (TC) of the Garuda Nusantara team in Spain. His presence … Read more

Producers reveal how the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ couples split

rolandče and Vita Laicane Photo: advertising The moment Maxim Bussel met Lisa Mania, it was like we had reunited best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time. There was an instant connection between them. But Busel revealed in an interview for ‘Privatā Dzīve’ that the producers didn’t want to put the two … Read more

Mega-con artist Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison for ‘new Steve Jobs’ | Technician

Celebrity businesswoman Elizabeth Holmes has been sentenced to more than eleven years in prison for fraud. Holmes built her Theranos start-up into a billion-dollar company, but she did so by defrauding investors and endangering patients, according to the judge. Elizabeth Holmes has promised a revolution in healthcare with her blood testing company Theranos. According to … Read more

Prosecutor Iglesias’s lawyer said that in summary no witnesses of vital importance were evaluated

Iglesias’ lawyer Marcos Pacheco said he was not surprised by the investigator’s decision. “We expected such a resolution,” he said. Likewise, he said that in the trial “those witnesses who were of vital importance were not evaluated”. In reference to several witnesses who were part of the evidence proposed by the defense, with the position … Read more

US: Feared giant snowstorm in New York State

Vigilance is essential. New York State Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency on Thursday, November 17 in anticipation of a winter storm that has been hitting the northern region for several hours. The heaviest snowfall is expected this Friday, November 18 in the cities of Buffalo and Watertown with accumulations of up to … Read more