RFU on the integration of new entities in the Russian league: “The development of football throughout the country has been and remains a priority, we are working with the government” – Football

The RFU talked about the integration of new players from Russia into the football leagues. The government of the Russian Federation and the RFU have agreed to integrate new territories into the Russian football leagues. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko spoke about it during a report to President Vladimir Putin. “The development of football throughout … Read more

Negotiations with Russia: Liberals urged Biden to change the strategy on Ukraine

Congressmen urged Biden to combine the unprecedented economic and military support provided to the US by Ukraine with a “proactive diplomatic push, redoubling efforts to find realistic terms for a ceasefire.” Furthermore, members of the US president’s party express concern that Washington is not conducting a regular dialogue with the Russian Federation to end the … Read more

This is how national train travel works

24RHEIN life in the west Traffic Created: 10/20/2022, 4:55 Von: Benjamin Stroka The 9 euro ticket allows you to travel by bus and train for 9 euro per month. Popular routes such as Hamburg – Berlin and Cologne – Munich are also possible. Cologne – Local and regional public transport by bus and train can … Read more

Criminal proceedings against Trump companies have begun in New York

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – A lawsuit against the group of companies of the same name, long led by former US President Donald Trump, for tax fraud has begun in New York. The proceedings in Manhattan began Monday with the selection of twelve jurors, as reported unanimously by the US media. Last year, the Manhattan District … Read more

Heart findings from 380-million-year-old prehistoric shock fish researchers in Australia: Okezone News

Researchers found a 380-million-year-old heart in a prehistoric fish fossil. They say the specimen captures a pivotal moment in the evolution of the blood-pumping organ found in all vertebrates, including humans. The heart was found in the fossilized form of a fish known as Gogo. Now, the fish is extinct. The “surprising” discovery took place … Read more

A beloved comedian is gone

© At the age of 67, beloved American actor and comedian Leslie Jordan has died, according to foreign media reports. According to unconfirmed reports, Jordan was driving in Hollywood when his vehicle crashed into the wall of a building. Leslie Allen Jordan is an American actor, writer and singer. He is best known for his … Read more