4/5 bridge project presented in Washington DC – El Financiero

Laredo, Texas.- After the Webb County Commissioners Court internally approved the construction of the 4/5 Bridge between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, the president of the Laredo Chamber of Commerce, Gabriela Morales; IBC Vice President Gerald Schwebel; the customs agent Glafiro Montemayor, director of Southwebb and promoter of the project; as well as Judge Tano […]

SCP: For the first time more non-believers than believers in the Netherlands

The Netherlands now has more non-believers than believers. This is apparent from research by the Social Cultural Planning Office (SCP). This is the first time that the group of non-religious people has been mapped. The proportion of unbelievers has been examined over the years with various surveys. The study distinguishes between atheists and agnostics: an […]

“State and communities must reinvest popular education”

“Weakened for decades, popular education could disappear from public policies”, launched the EELV mayor of Poitiers, Léonore Moncond’huy, at the opening of the National Meetings that you have just organized. Do you share such great concern? Totally. We have seen for years a progressive invisibilization of popular education. It is the sign of a certain […]

Shocking! Here is Putin’s rating

The Russian president’s rating rose to nearly 80% in March, according to the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research. In March, VTsIOM registered one of the highest ratings of Russian trust in Vladimir Putin. This was announced today by the Director General of the State Sociological Agency Valery Fyodorov, quoted by TASS. “In the last […]

Effects of Covid-19 on Pregnant Women

KOMPAS.com – Corona virus infection does have a variety of effects on the body. Some people may experience only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. On the other hand, there are also those who experience prolonged effects even though they have been declared clean Covid-19. A recent report from the Cleveland Clinic also mentions […]

4 Prospective Residents of Repsol Honda After Marquez Concussion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Accident experienced Mark Marquez in heating MotoGP Mandalika presenting rumors of a change of drivers in the Repsol Honda team. Marquez was sentenced to suffer a concussion a few hours after falling at the Mandalika Circuit. After returning to Spain, the owner of eight world titles was confirmed to have diplopia […]

Bram builds pancake machine from Buurman and Buurman

“I like to watch the videos with my children, but I watch even more for myself,” Bram tells EditieNL. “The great thing is that Buurman and Buurman never give up and are very inventive, but also very stupid. It is such a special combination. Then they have built something special again to do something cumbersome […]

Copy of ‘old’ scholarship seems in the making | Inland

Plan Dijkgraaf: basic grant of about 270 euros per month – The Hague – Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf (Education) is heading for something that looks a lot like a copy of the ‘old’ scholarship. Students in higher education would receive a basic grant of about 270 euros per month if they live in rooms, and around […]