Research: Funding for the humanities and social sciences

Higher education, in partnership with the CNRST, is launching a funding program for research in the human and social sciences. The project targets themes related to territorial integrity and southern regions, as well as those dealing with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Universities must submit their applications to the CNRST by February 5, 2021. … Read more

Comfort women victims win Japanese government in 30 years

– On the 8th, a snowman stands next to the Statue of Peace Girl across from the former Japanese Embassy in Susong-dong, Seoul. On this day, the court issued the first ruling acknowledging the Japanese government’s responsibility to compensate the victims of comfort women. [뉴시스] – The court first admitted the Japanese government’s liability for … Read more

Beyond kimchi and bibimbap… What is the No. 1 Korean food choice by foreigners?

‘Korean-style chicken’ was chosen as the most popular Korean food among overseas locals. Photo = bbq provided-The most popular Korean food among overseas locals was’Korean-style chicken’. According to the results of the 2020 Overseas Korean Consumer Survey released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs on the 7th, Korean chicken (13.3%) was the … Read more

Outbreak at the Bethany Foundation, three elderly people do not make it: expired after the infection

The epidemic outbreak begins to settle last December within the Betania Foundation social and health structure of Catanzaro. The virus had managed to infiltrate the sheltered home for the elderly, registering a very high rate of positivity among the guests and the medical and nursing staff. Overall, fifty elderly and eleven health workers tested positive … Read more

50% lower price and QLED

At last year ‘s CES, Samsung presented its Chromebook, which, among other things, attracted attention with the AMOLED panel. However, it is now officially introducing the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, which uses QLED technology. So let’s imagine a new model. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 officially This is a laptop that can be bent 180 degrees, … Read more