Citizens’ initiative urges planning freeze | Offenbach

The planning department of the city of Offenbach is sticking to the development of the Bieber-Waldhof West area. BI complains that although there is talk of climate protection, the last fresh and cold air generation area should disappear.

In the last session, the Offenbach city parliament approved the new climate protection concept 2035. Unanimously. “If you want an integrated climate protection concept with an open space concept, you should not concretize the open spaces immediately beforehand,” demands the citizens’ initiative “Naturally Bieber-Waldhof”. She continues to urge the planning of the planned 600 apartments and the day care center between the Waldhof district and Würzburger Straße. The design by the Düsseldorf architects from “Rheinflügel Severin” provides for only part of the planning area – especially fields – to be densely built in order to preserve biotopes such as an oak grove or orchards.

“That would mean that the last fresh and cold air generation area in Offenbach would disappear,” complains Peter Janat, spokesman for the citizens’ initiative (BI), which now has 400 members. In all larger parties there are politicians who have followed the coalition discipline, but are more on the side of the BI in terms of content. “The Greens say: We don’t really want any new development areas, but we’re still doing that now,” criticizes Janat.

The city wants to have completed the land negotiations in Waldhof-West by the beginning of 2023. “We are sticking to that,” says the planning department. Then a development plan is to be drawn up. Planning department Paul-Gerhard Weiß (FDP) estimates that there could be building rights in 2025. Janat hopes that after the local elections a party will side with the BI and force the planning freeze. Also to win over voters. “Sunday speeches and resolutions on the subject of climate, nature and species protection without consistent implementation create a trust gap between politicians and voters that is difficult to close,” says Janat.

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