Outbreak at the Bethany Foundation, three elderly people do not make it: expired after the infection

The epidemic outbreak begins to settle last December within the Betania Foundation social and health structure of Catanzaro. The virus had managed to infiltrate the sheltered home for the elderly, registering a very high rate of positivity among the guests and the medical and nursing staff. Overall, fifty elderly and eleven health workers tested positive for Covid 19 following the outcome of the screening activities initiated by the top management of the accredited private structure.

Three deaths

But if on the one hand the outbreak begins to return, recording the negativization of some of the guests, on the other hand not everyone made it through the infection. In total, three elderly people died after the spread of the virus in the protected home. A guest died in the infectious diseases ward of the Pugliese hospital, where he was transferred in the hours immediately following the infection. Two others passed away on New Year’s Eve inside the social health structure. In all cases, these are over ninety years old already suffering from previous pathologies aggravated by the Covid 19 infection.

The healings

On the other hand, twelve guests were negativized and who managed to survive the virus. All the others are asymptomatic and are in good health. The eleven infected health workers are still isolated in quarantine waiting to be swab to ensure recovery.

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