Bayern lost! Take two tablets before hitting Krua Hog Chatchai.

“Southern Tigers” Bayern Munich lost the second match of the season. After taking out up to two tablets But ended the game back to defeat “Young Lion” Moenchengladbach 2-3, although still leading the crowd, but there is a chance to lose the position if the Leipzig finish is successful tomorrow. In the German Bundesliga Cup on Friday, January 8, the past.

Field: Borussia Park

The German Bundesliga Cup on Friday, January 8, past “Tiger of the South” Bayern Munich, the leader of the league game before speeding up the machine. The sharp offensive line “Muller-Levandowski” invaded the house “Young Sing” Moenchengladbach Looking to win this game as well. Markus Rosé, the trainer of the team with “Larsstindle” is responsible for creating the midfield game.

The Southern Tigers tried to attack the 12th minute. Leroy Sane received a long ball on the right side of the field. Slap back in front of the penalty area, Joshua Kimmish drops the ball in front of the door, but the home goalkeeper Yan Sommer came out to catch the ball in time.

But then in the 18th minute, the referee went back to the VAR rhythm, Florian Neuhaus stood with Alphonso Davis’ pass in the penalty area and poked Robert. Lewandowski tugging on the net is the 20th ball of the season.

The home invaded some 22nd minute Stefan Liner cross the ball on the right. Bouncing the ground in the penalty area Denise Sakaria jumped to shoot but did not hit. The ball goes beyond the South Tiger goalkeeper, but still has Niklas Si Le to intercept in time in front of the door.

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The southern tiger ripped away at the 26th minute, Leon Goretzka appeared to steal the ball in the middle of the field. Flow of the ball, the first stroke is hit by Niko Elvedi, kicking the ball back in the way of the person, dragging it to the front of the penalty area The ball passed by Mr. Dan Sing young, tucked the bottom of another net.

The young lion chased for 35 minutes, Benjamin Pavard passed the ball up in the face, missed, was squeezed by the home players, pinched the ball and rolled towards Larsstindle, curled the ball and passed through Jonas. Hoffmann runs off the trap, goes one step ahead of him to collect the ball, drag him away, and run away from Manuel Neuer.

Before the end of the first half, Larsstindle poured the ball from the center of the field to Jonas Hofmann, running over the line off the South Tiger defense line. Single off, duel, Manuel Neuer before beating into The referee checks the VAR signal to be the score of the home team 2-2 in the first 45 minutes.

Gladbach Saeng led the 49th minute, Niklas Züle, the ball was not good, was cut off by Jonas Hofmann in the middle of the field, deposited in Briel Embolo, paid back to the side of the penalty area. Left swiped in the center for Florian Neuhaus to compose a ball, spinning in the circle of the penalty area, the ball turns away, Manuel Neuer, glorious Bayern.

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The local invasion again in 58 minutes, Matthew Kinter’s high pressure picks up the ball and throws it across. Knowing, the person slapped in the front of the penalty area, Larsstindle followed, hitting the water, but was hit by a bad ball.

Under the tiger hitting the 72nd minute, Kingsley Go, it came down as a backup. Oas drops the ball on the left field, Robert Lewandowski Tech, tackles alone. But the ball flew over the bar after the game, Bayern Munich defeated Monchengladbach 2-3, although still leading the crowd, but there was a chance to lose the title if Leipzig succeeded tomorrow.

List of players who enter the field

Monchengladbach (3-5-2): Jan Sommer, Matthew Ginter, Denise Sagaria (Patrick Hermann, n.74), Nico Elvedi, Stefan. Freightliner, Christoph Kramer, Jonas Hofmann (Oscar Wendn. 89), Florian. Neuhaus, Ramie Bensebini (Tony Yant Schkern. 89), Briel M. Bolo, Larsstindle (Hannes Wolffn. 82)

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer, Benjamin. Pavard, Niklas Süle, David Alaba, Alphonso Davis, Leon Goretzka, Joshua Kimmich, Leroy Sane, Thomas Mul Leer, Douglas Costa (Kingsley Goman, p.68), Robert Lewandowski

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