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20-year-old man abducted from Tolga in the Inland has recovered – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

– In connection with the abduction of a person in Tolga on Sunday night, the missing have recovered, the police in the Inland report Twitter around midnight Monday night.

The missing 20-year-old recovered on Sunday night.

– During Sunday evening, the missing person came to his senses and will have control over him, the operations manager at the Inland Police District tells NRK

The police also state that no further information will be given about the case before Monday morning.

– We have no accused in the case, and the investigation is in full swing, Vaage says to NRK.

Relatives of the 20-year-old have been notified.

Deprivation of liberty

Around two o’clock on Sunday night, the police were notified that three people had been subjected to violence at a private address in Tolga. One of the three people, a 20-year-old man, had been taken away by the suspects and was reported missing.

– One of the three people was taken by the suspects against their will, and the police are investigating the incident as a deprivation of liberty, said police attorney in the Inland police district, Vibeke Stolp Ekeland to NRK.

At least two people are suspected in the case, but there may be several perpetrators.

On Sunday, the police asked the public, who could have seen or heard something in connection with the 20-year-old, to contact them.

– We work intensively to clarify both the motive and the course of events, said police attorney Vibeke Stolp Ekeland.

The police had a high priority in finding victims.

– We are working hard to make it happen, said Stolp Ekeland.

Has an idea of ​​the motive

The police are working to find out what was the motive for the abduction.

We have an idea of ​​what the motive is may be and work from several hypotheses for that reason, and investigate the case broadly. But the details of it, we almost have to come back to, Ekeland said.

The police asked witnesses who have seen or heard something in connection with the incident to contact telephone 02800.


The police have been looking for the missing person and the perpetrators from night to Sunday and beyond. Among other things, roadblocks and checkpoints were set up in several places in the area.

The police were armed because they do not know who the perpetrators are. It is currently unclear whether weapons were used during the abduction.

We know what has happened, that two people have entered a private property and attacked the three who were inside. We currently do not know who this is, said operations manager at the police, Sidsel Svarstad.

Interrogation and trace

The two other victims who were at the address, and who were subjected to violence, were questioned by the police on Sunday. They were not seriously injured.

The police have secured traces at the scene, which is for analysis.

They have also received some tips about cars in the area and are working to clarify whether any of these can be linked to the incident.

– We have some information that makes us have some thoughts about where they may have taken the road, the police attorney said.

The police work with the clues and the information they have, in addition to conducting interrogations and investigating any tips from the public.

– We hope to locate the offended as soon as possible, the police attorney said.

The incident is said to have taken place in Vingelen in Tolga municipality.

Asks for help from the audience

Trøndelag police district has assisted the Inland police district in the action on Sunday.

The armed action has mainly taken place on the border between Innlandet and Trøndelag.

Police attorney Ekeland says they have had good resources on the case.

– It is an ongoing incident where we are working hard to get the victim located as soon as possible, Ekeland told NRK.

The police want tips from the public, and ask those who have seen or heard something about the incident to contact us by phone 02800.

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