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The proper use of masks, social restrictions and the immunization of the population through vaccines are the pillars to control the coronavirus pandemic that is now experiencing one of the most complicated moments with the third wave. Within this strategy, the effectiveness of the masks is important to avoid transmission. Those of the FFP2 type have a high filtration capacity, which is why some countries such as Germany and Austria They have made them mandatory in stores and transport. In this sense, it is also important that new variants of SARS CoV-2 such as the British one have been found to be 70% more contagious.

Masks are mandatory for children from 6 years of age. From autumn it became common to find masks for children of the FFP2 type in pharmacies. But, the reality is that they have limited themselves to manufacturing a smaller size without carrying out specific studies. “In principle, there are no children’s FFP2s. They are personal protective equipment designed for workers and at no time was it considered that this would be used for children “, explains the pharmacist and disseminator, Gemma del Caño.

It is clear that the pandemic has changed different markets, including that of health protection products. The efficiency of the masks, depending on the type, has been a recurring question to the Health spokesman, Fernando Simón, who insists that a surgical one is enough. It is important to remember that those made of fabric must always comply with the UNE 0065 standard.

Why is it called infantile FFP2?

The Spanish company Firstprotect has explained in a statement that after analyzing hundreds of models of masks for children, it has come to the conclusion that although they bear the seal of the European Union (CE), none offer adequate approval.

“What they have done is to make a smaller size, they have put little pictures on it and they have said that it is the FFP2 for children. It will be necessary to assess how well they tolerate them, how about breathability for them, because these studies, in principle, have not been done. Nothing should happen and many children wear them. I have no notification of any problem, “explains Del Caño.

The importance of a well-fitting mask

In a video, the company Firstprotect recommended a home adaptation of adult FFP2. They have done so “due to the lack of approved children’s FFP2 masks”. They propose to fold the lower part of the mask and stick it with tape.

Is that trick effective? Gemma del Caño insists that the important thing is that the child fits the mask well. “If that suits you and the mask doesn’t break, that’s great. But you can also use the smallest size. You can also put the adjusters on the back for a good fit. All this if they are older children, because if they are younger I do not see it because they will be touching it all the time because her face is small, “he says.

The aspect of the good fit is important to avoid aerosols, one of the most frequent contagion routes of coronavirus. “What you have to see is that it fits the face well, because a PFF2 mask or another, if the child does not It fits, it’s as if she wasn’t wearing anything, “recalls Gemma del Caño.


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